Monday, May 17, 2010

Catering to their every need: SBS Food

Catering to their every need: 
SBS Food

As the Sydney Film Festival fast approaches, we ask: from Superman to Wolverine, how do you feed the cast and crew on a movie set?

"She lurches against the buffet table, blood running down her face, a knife protruding from the middle of her forehead and her features deathly pale. Then she smiles, heaps her plate with food and wanders off to eat lunch. Welcome to the world of movie-set catering, where everything is not quite what it seems. But one thing’s for sure, though - when the cameras stop rolling, it’s the catering team doing all the stunts."

By: Jane de Graaff

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talya said...

Kerry's food is the best!
Catering seriously have one of the worst jobs.. I once had to ask what the chances were of adding another 26 lunches about 30 mins out from lunch! (Obv..not so good.)
I've been out to Diggers Rest and to Kununurra and seriously, it's remote!
They're put in the toughest situations and always make it work.
Film set catering is heaven, and in production where you're not lifting and lugging things like the boys, you have to limit what you eat!
And as they say the army marches on it's stomach