Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get her off the pitch: Book review for Sassi Sam

Get Her Off The Pitch; 
how sport took over my life
By Lynn Truss
Review- Jane de Graaff

"It’s not often that I venture outside the world of food and food books for reviewing. It takes a fair bit of interest to shift me from this happy comfort zone- but when Lynne Truss’ new book came my way, I thought maybe it was time to step outside of the food zone, if only for a moment.

I was sceptical when I began. After all I’m not the sporty type.
The only time I kick a ball is to try and make my puppy run, and the fact that he’s not a retriever and rarely comes back with it for me to throw again has never been an issue for our doggy/master relationship.
So I was interested to see if the erstwhile comments of a female sports writer could turn me into a sport-loving lunatic given the right angle and enough personal insight."
Note: Review featured on the sparkling Sassi Sam website. 

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