Friday, January 30, 2009

Sigh-ing over spilt milk

Catching up on all my reading recently, an article posted by Slow Food Australia caught my eye. 
Milk on tap talks about a new machine out and about in Italy that captures the fresh milk of cows, keeps it at optimum temperatures and makes milk available for the general public who are unable to visit the farm direct but still want that 'fresh from the cow' experience.
The article, by Co-leader of Slow Food Perth, Pauline Tresise, goes on to specify that you can fill up your own bottles, the prices compete well with other milk sources in the market and after 24 hours the milk left in the refrigerated machines is used to make cheeses like ricotta. Sounds like a dairy dream to me...! 
All I can say is that as a home cheese maker who is finding it increasingly difficult to access appropriate and cost effective fresh milk, I can't wait until this sort of technology hits Australian shores. But until we relax our raw milk regulations still further, I wistfully marvel at the idea and contemplate yet again buying my own bessie to provide our dairy needs, or joining 'the Dairy  farmer wants a wife'- though I can't say my other half would be too pleased.
In the meantime, I'll just keep adding 'got milk?' to the shopping list, working with what we currently have available and dreaming of fresh milk raining from the sky. 

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