Monday, January 19, 2009

Joost anyone?

If you have not had a chance to visit the Greenhouse by Joost (cafe & bar) at Federation square in Melbourne, then now is the time! It's only around for another ten days before they deconstruct the temporary framework and take it away in all its loveliness! 
I admit that I waited too long before I stopped by, and now I am lamenting the fact that it will be gone on the 29th of Jan, leaving nothing but a lush green memory. A testament to the fact that it was designed to be a.) temporary, b.) environmentally friendly (recycled & recyclable) and c.) a lovely experience. 
We had breakfast there on the weekend, and I have to say it really is a great thing to know that where you are dining has every intention of being as gentle with the environment as possible- it also does not hurt that the decor and service adhere to the 'old is new again' gimmick with such great style. Who'd have though that coffee served in a jam jar could be so beguiling? Or that tins as vases could impart such a rustic feel? Personally, I really enjoyed being surrounded by bales of hay as walls- if I was younger I might have pretended to be a cosy little sparrow in a nest, there were certainly plenty of little sparrow visitors to keep us amused. 
Skyward stacks of 'live growing' strawberries in crates frame the entrance way and a huge Bromley painting stretches out behind the bar, lending an 'Alice in wonderland' feel to the already magical space. The selection of food on offer is certainly 'wonderland' worthy- with the fresh baked breakfast quiches a lovely morning treat, pastry melting in the mouth.    
I was very pleased to discover that not only were the chairs made of recycled packing materials and comfortable to sit in, but they also looked really stylish and you can purchase them from Joost. Oh to add some to my home collection!!! So if you can manage to find the time in the next few days, stop by and appreciate the efforts that the designers have gone to- and don't forget to check out the rooftop bar, surrounded by shipping crates filled with growing produce like potatoes, zucchini and nasturtiums. So very pretty. Sigh....        

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