Friday, April 9, 2010

Disposable love... hook turn!

The other day I fell in love- with a hot cup of coffee in a take-away cup. But it wasn't just any take-away cup...

It was this brilliant little re-usable gem from the Melbourne company, celebrating the love of all things Melbournian, hookTurn (Ha, hook turn... geddit?).

I don't usually gush about product unless I feel that there is a really good reason. So you can guarantee that if I'm posting pictures and comment, it's genuinely heartfelt.
These little babies are just kitsch enough to make the re-usable coffee cup less about toting a brand bearing cup-of-cool and more about just keeping your coffee warm, nodding to what they actually are and reducing waste as we go.

I've always loved the idea of the re-usable cup. I'm just not such a big fan of the ones with logos, brands and messages posted all over the sides.

So when I came across this one (and for only $10 a cup), I was pretty taken by them. Ours was a spur of the moment purchase - thanks to the guys at Camberwell's Coffee Collective, who stock them and who, like a lot of great coffee spots, offer a discount on your BYO cup.  Just an extra benefit if you slurp down the devils brew like I do.

These BYO cups were one of those purchases that just make me all warm and fuzzy. It's a squishy little cup that you just want to HUG!

Dishwasher safe, withstands up to 200degC, keeps your coffee hot and "won't contribute to the mountain of discarded paper coffee cups littering the streets and bins around the world"... *warm. and. fuzzy.* That's all I'm saying.
Plus, for a local lover like me... it's supporting a Melbourne based company.

Check it out:  - and get yourself a re-usable coffee cup. I don't care what kind, but I do recommend this one.

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Lucy said...

WOW lovely words about these gorgeous cups...! The HookTurn ladies will be so excited to see your glowing report!

(disclaimer - my Mum is one of the HookTurn ladies! I am very proud of her efforts with the BYO cup! So glad you love it too!)

Lovely blog you have! x