Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to basics... 3 egg omelette

I like to over complicate.
But only when it comes to flavours and cooking. If the recipe calls for one clove of garlic, I tend to add two. If the suggestion is a pinch of pepper or salt- it's easy for me to add a whole handful.
My cakes are full of chunky, lumpy, delicious extras and my soups become stews because there simply isn't enough room in the pot.
They taste fantastic, but they're sometimes what you might call... heavy handed.
So I'm getting back to basics.
I mean I know what I like and which flavours work well together, but I just have to remind myself that sometimes simple is best- and that often it's about what you can still add at leisure, not having everything all packed on in advance.
I started on Friday night with a simple omelette. And I mean really simple.

  • 3 eggs- lightly whisked together
  • knob of butter (1 tblspn)
That's it.
No milk, no onion, no tomato and no cheese- all the extras that I usually like to add.
Not on Friday.
On Friday it was just eggs, lightly whisked and a knob of butter in the pan.

Method: It's simple; whisk the eggs together (3 for Patience's omelette, 2 for mine). Melt the butter on high heat in a non stick pan and just before it browns, tip the eggs in and shake the pan vigorously. Continue shaking the pan until the the omelette folds over itself and is just set. It really only takes about 30sec... anymore and the potentially beautiful simplicity of the omelette becomes bland rubber.
Tip the omelette onto a warmed plate and serve with optional salt, pepper and parsley.
That's it.
Dinner in less than a minute... for real.
I told you it was back to basics.
And I'd forgotten how wonderful and comforting a simple omelette can be.
No wet patches. No burnt bits. No puddles of oiled out cheese.
Just simple, soft, feather light omelette.
It's something I should do more often.

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hanum said...

so simple. Good recommend. I will try. Nice to know you ^_^