Thursday, August 6, 2009

If only I could cook for peace

There's a lot of terror in the news.
War. Terrorism. The war on terrorism. 
There's bombs and drugs and weapons of mass destruction.
And I just can't help thinking, if all the people learning to cook-up bombs and deadly gasses were preoccupied with cooking up good food instead, perhaps the world was a better place?

As I read sad stories of drug labs, bomb kitchens and terrorist training schools, I can't help wondering about diverting this 'cooking' into real kitchens. 
It's a simplistic thought I know. And obviously one from a safe, generally secure and happy individual. But the terror-cooking that is going on seems like such a waste of life and time. And if the inclination to mix and cook and experiment is there, why shouldn't we channel it into nourishing rather than destruction? 
At this moment I'd love to say that I have the answer- to come racing to the aid of mankind with nothing more than a wooden spoon and a baking tray. To announce to the world that I know how to turn one kind of cooking into another. But I don't. 
I just see the similarities and hope that in a world of cooking bombs, I can turn my hand to bomb alaska. 
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