Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fully Stocked: Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder (Review)

It's rare that I dream of going back to a place for one particular dish. It's rarer again when my partner raves about a breakfast that he just can't get out of his head. 
This is one of those rare occasions.
Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder stole my partners heart long ago with the breakfast Baghdad eggs- it's a simple trick of eggs fried with garlic, lemon, cumin and mint, served on grilled flatbread, and for once, it's eggs with a real point of difference.
Don't get me wrong, we're not hard to impress, but when you love eggs for breakfast and you just feel like something a little above and beyond the standard poached/scramble/fry options... this is the goods.
It's backed up by 'RHCL famous cheesy toast'- and my god, it's famous for a reason. If you love a good Welsh rarebit, then you'll feel like you've hit the jackpot with the famous cheesy toast, and why not? When the cafe also has it's own cheese room and larder, they're bound to get it right! 
But it's about more than signature dishes at the Cafe & Larder, it's about style, service and stocking up before you head home.
This is a so-frenchy-so-chic kind of cafe venue, on the Hoddle street end of Bridge road. So you can relax in the wooden floor, bistro-chair surrounds before (or after) your bargain-hunt on the shopping strip. Just don't be alarmed by the faint waft of really good mould as the cheese-room door opens and shuts... I call it ambiance! 
Service is friendly, polite and discreet- with linen and water materialising as needed. Lunch is certainly seasonal and might be rabbit bruschetta, or risotto of morton bay bugs- but just to really mess you up, that famous cheesy toast is also on offer at lunch... what to do, what to do?
Other temping treats include rhubarb with rose geranium, porridge with vanilla poached quince or eggs with tasmanian salmon.  

The cafe is not generally open for dinner, as evenings are reserved for special events. But the first Friday of every month is the exception to this rule, when the cafe hosts an evening soiree. Bookings are recommended for this and you can purchase cheese from the cheese room to eat on the premesis or take home... so why not stock up?

The wine list is long and varied with an option for every budget: $28-$248, you're bound to find something amongst the Jansz bottles lining the walls. And if cheese really is your thing, pick up a pamphlet on their next cheese tasting/matching/making course. 
It's food love from every angle, truly a well stocked larder. 

Address: 48-50 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne 3121
Phone: (03) 9421 2808
Open: 7 days for breakfast / brunch / lunch
(Lunch from 11:30am and afternoon tea from 3pm)
Note: Check website for Friday night soiree details, dates and booking.

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