Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ladies who... latte?

Finding a good soy latte is a very special thing. I've been drinking soy lattes for years (probably around 10 now), and even in this coffee obsessed town, the art of a great soy coffee is still, sadly, all too rare a thing.
Luckily, my favourite local cafe - Balwyn's Snow Pony-  has got it down to a fine art, and it's not unusual for me to put aside the time to grab one at the start of a busy day. I've even been known to get up 10minutes earlier or skip putting on make-up just to make sure I get my fix.   
So when I dropped in this morning my plan was to grab a quick soy-latte-to-go. No such luck. 
The wait wasn't catastrophic, but it was longer than I anticipated (maybe I need to get up 15minutes earlier from now on). So I had time to look around. The little cafe was jumping and jazz music melted over the chatty crowd. You'd be lucky to find at table at 9.30 on a Wednesday morning in between cheese on toast and signature smashed avocado's. 
Ok, so a few other people have clued into this great little haunt. But what surprised me was this. In the whole place, out of all the lively, smiley patrons, only 1 was male. 
Yep- single white male. Cafe full of latte-ing ladies- and searching back through my daily routines I felt sure that this wasn't the first 'ladies day' I had witnessed at the Pony.
It was a rare moment of 'what's going on here?' for me. And I'm still not sure what it means. The ladies were all of varying ages and style- so I could deduce nothing there. It's not really in a particularly 'ladyish' part of town and I know that the cafe is a more even split of sexes on weekends. 
So I take from it this, either ladies make more time for social coffee's to exchange work, information, social ideas. OR... they know where the really good soy coffee is on a weekday and go out of their way to get it.    
Either way, as long as I can still wedge my way in for my morning coffee, all I have to say is this... Ladies? Bottoms up!

If you've noticed any gender trends at cafes, I'd love to know where and when?

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