Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Location Cuisine

I have a little problem and it seems to be becoming more apparent. 
I have harboured for a while a sad feeling of disappointment in cafes and eating establishments that have everything going for them in the way of location (particularly in reference to stunning views) and then -depressingly- fail to deliver in quality of food. 

Let's call it great-expectations-not-met, or 'location cuisine'.

There seems to be a deeply entrenched trend for places to be happy to rope customers in with the promise of a beautiful view or lavishly appointed refurbishment, and simply to feel that this is enough for the ravening hoards. It's a sad fact, but also fairly self-evident, that views don't feed us. 
And when you have every reason to enjoy yourself, when an establishment has everything going for it, the last thing you want to be let down by is the food.
I guess that's why so many people are impressed and excited by the discovery of a dingy little not-much-of-a-place that looks like nothing special, but delivers a fabulous gastronomic treat- a feast fit for a king, served in a hovel. Like a secret gem discovered amongst the rubble. Perhaps that is why the backstreets of Melbourne became so cool in the first place. 

With not much to go on except the food, places just had to get it right, or risk being nothing at all- after all, why would you venture down a rabbit hole, unless it was to find a wonderland? 
Places that spring to mind are Melbourne's Von Haus, Gills Diner, and now Cumulus Inc to name a few conversions and out of the way great feeds- but Sydney is seeing an increase as well. Try finding tiny little Epi d'Or in Kirribilli, or converted garage, Oven in Cremorne. Sure they're not in the CBD, but you get the drift. It's a simple equation, 'No view = MUST get food right'. I just wish the next one was 'Great View = Greater food'.

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