Sunday, March 15, 2009

Breakfast Out

Ok, I admit it- I've been eating breakfast out. A lot. But in my defence, someone has to do it- otherwise how would we find the best places in town? 
What makes it worse is that I am a whore for breakfast, I'll eat it at any time of day, in any city.  Really.
How can you turn it down? It really is the best meal of the day to eat out... arguably. 

Some of my reviews are starting to pop up at the wonderful (and very informative) website BreakfastOut - you really should add it to your favourites... it might help you out next time you're in a bind trying to find that perfect way to start the weekend.
The Melbourne page is really pretty comprehensive and the Sydney stuff is on its way- I've been reviewing both cities... Like I said, I'm a whore for breakky.

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